I have a very special Fairy Tale Friday for you today — “The Crimson Cloak,” the first book in the Cursed Fairy Tale series, has arrived! This book put me through the ringer, but I must admit I’m really proud of how it turned out. It marks a huge step forward for me and a rebranding to my full name.

Here I am world. This is what I’ve got. I hope you enjoy it!

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Red Riding Hood meets Beauty from “Beauty and the Beast” in a fast-paced retelling that interweaves the beloved fairy tales.

Scarlett Ridinghood’s mother disappeared. And her mother’s mother. The Ridinghood women are cursed, each of them doomed to fall prey to a wolf within the Forbidden Forest.

But this is where it ends. Scarlett is determined to stop the curse before it gets her, too. She trains, she prepares, until one fateful day Beauty disappears into the forest that haunts Scarlett’s dreams. Scarlett knows that to enter the forest means risking her own life, but she decides she must to save her best and only friend.

Dangers she can’t imagine lurk within. Propelled by her love for Beauty, she pushes through each obstacle with the help of an unlikely ally.

Will Scarlett find Beauty before the wolf finds Scarlett?
Will she live to tell the tale?
Or will it all end here with the curse?

The Crimson Cloak is the first book in the Cursed Fairy Tale series, a series of fairy tales made fresh with new friendships and surprising twists. If you like strong women, action-packed magical fantasy, and a touch of romance, then this series is for you.

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