Warning: this post may contain spoilers for Nashville (although I tried not to spoil too much), if you haven’t watched through season 2, read at your own risk!

Ahem. Now that we got that out of the way.

Do you watch Nashville?

I do.

I’m not even embarrassed to admit it. I love every drama-laced word, every heart-tugging tune, every longing glance.

It wasn’t something I expected. I’m not much of a country fan, and I HATED the promos in the beginning of the series that pitted the two female leads against each other. Those promos did a serious disservice to the show, and I avoided watching it for two years. Then someone I trusted recommended it to me, then another trusted someone did the same. I watched one episode and I was hooked.

You know what keeps me watching the show? Three words. Rayna and Deacon. These two have one of the most intriguing, dramatic relationships on cable TV right now. They have shot to the top of my favorite TV relationship list, beating out Paul & Jamie Buchman, Ross & Rachel, and even Scully & Mulder (X-Files reboot YEAH!).

It’s unreasonable how badly I want them to be together. This is how the conversation with myself usually goes:

Heart: “Rayna & Deacon belong together”
Brain: “You do know they’re…not real people, right?”
Heart: “It doesn’t matter, they’re so right for each other!”
Brain: “Not real.”
Heart: “I would give my first born…”
Brain: “Shut up! Shut your mouth right now!”
*Brain pins Heart in a Half Nelson*
Heart: “Okay, okay. I won’t give up our first born.”
*Brain lets go, rolls off of Heart”
Heart: *whispers* “So good together…”

I mean, how cute is THIS?


And how sexy is THIS?

(I may or may not have bookmarked this site to look at when I need a fix. I may or may not have just flipped through ten pages after finding this picture…. while watching Nashville. I’ve got it bad.)

My insides just dissolve looking at them. So, I got to thinking, what makes them such an intriguing couple? And I think I’ve come up with a few reasons.

1. The actors have incredible chemistry. Every time they have a scene together, you can feel the tension between them. They don’t even have to be touching, or looking at each other, there’s just this magnetism that seems to draw them together. And the actors themselves have chops. I mean, Connie Britton, right? Great hair, great actress. She was wonderful as Tami Taylor in “Friday Night Lights” (another show I thought I wouldn’t like, but do), and she KILLS it as Rayna Jaymes. And Chip Esten as Deacon isn’t bad either. (Does anyone else think he’s more attractive now than he was 10 years ago?)


2. The writers did a really good job early on of showing that Rayna & Deacon have a deep connection — and, as with many of the other relationships on the show, they do it through music. This is from the second episode.

Ladies — if you have a man that looks at you like that, jump on that train as fast as you can. Or, you know, if you don’t know him that well maybe wait a few dates to figure out whether you have a crazy stalker on your hands or a potential lover. Unless it’s Charles Esten looking at you like that. He’s happily married, I hear, but, you know…YOLO?

3. It’s just fate. I’m not sure I believe in it in real life, but there’s a strong sense of destiny in this relationship — and that’s a powerful thing. These two people were meant for one another. Rayna practically says so herself: “I’ve loved you since the first time I ever laid eyes on you, first time I ever heard you play a note on a guitar, first time I ever heard you laugh. And even through all the hell we put each other through, I love you now,” she tells him.

4. …and despite that history (or maybe because of it), they just can’t get it together. This is what really makes you ROOT for them. Deacon is ready, but Rayna is married to Teddy. Rayna’s ready, but Deacon is finally in a stable relationship. They get together, but Deacon starts drinking again. You’re groaning in agony because, well, they belong together (see above). They’re fated, but somehow they an’t make it work. BUT IT’S FATE, you scream at the television. Or maybe that’s just me screaming. Whatever, I know it’s not just me. You do it too.

Now, if they do manage to get over their stuff and get together, do you think the writers can keep it suspenseful? I’m hoping that WHEN that happens (it must!), the tension won’t hiss out of the relationship like air in a balloon. That would be saaad.

Can you think of any examples where the main couple got together and the show didn’t go down the drain? Is it even possible to make a happy relationship dramatic?

Or is that an oxymoron?

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