The Cursed Fairy Tales

There’s a little of wicked witch and the princess and in us all, if we’re lucky. I write to give voice to them both in the Cursed series. These stories mix fantasy fairy tales with folklore and romance, and always end with something more satisfying than “they lived happily ever after.”

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From the blog:

Fairy Tale Friday: Hans, my Hedgehog

One of the most odd and disturbing fairy tales I've read in my studies was Hans, my Hedgehog. You can find the fairy tale here or continue reading for a summary of the story. It starts with a farmer who wants a child, and has the nerve to say, "I don't even care what...

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Life Stinks. But at Least It’s Not a Fairy Tale.

Yeah, I sense it, too. Life is...not easy...right now. Everyone's stressed, and not in the usual way. When I'm not curled up in a ball clutching a glass of wine to my chest as if the earth was about to open up and tear it from my exhausted hands (*breathes*), I've...

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