Entranced by SM AdamsToday a book is born. Yay! Celebration! Party! Mini victory dance! (More like a nap.)

It’s called Entranced.

If you’ve read any of the “Home of the Dead” serial, then the characters in this book will be very familiar to you. Entranced focuses on Shawna Reynolds, Grace Deacon’s best friend, whose husband took off with their only son. On her journey to find them she encounters a woman who offers a tempting solution to her problem. But when the solution threatens the very fabric of her life she must decide: is real life better than fiction?

You don’t need to have read of Home of the Dead to enjoy this book, but since this takes place after Home of the Dead, it may spoil a few things for you.

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The Birth of a World: Witches of Hemlock Hollow

As I finished Home of the Dead I realized I was falling in love. Not just with Grace and Lily, but with Shawna and Liora as well. I wanted to deep-dive into all of their lives…so I decided, why not?

So began the Witches of Hemlock Hollow.

For now, each woman (Grace, Shawna, & Liora) will have her own series. They will loosely tie together, but be slightly different from one another. Hate serials? Liora and Shawna’s books will be full-length. Prefer mystery over suspense? Liora’s books will cover that. Read just one series, or two, or all of them. You’ll be able to follow as long as you start with Book 1 in each series.

It is best to read them in order at the moment if you want to read them all. So, begin with Home of the Dead and continue with Entranced.

If there is enough interest in all three, I’ll tie them together at some later date.

I’m really excited to live in and to expand the world of Hemlock Hollow.

The Idea for Entranced

When I begin with books I start with a barely there concept. A mood. For Entranced it began with the villain. I wanted him or her to be creepy as hell, to get under Shawna’s skin, to make her doubt her sanity. Since Shawna’s magical powers are mental in nature she was the perfect victim for a psychological villain. But one question persisted, my constant question in this series: How could magic make this worse?

What followed was an ambitious attempt to write a psychological paranormal suspense with a dash of romance. After the first draft I was like…WHAT THE BLEEP IS THIS? But, somehow, with lots of rewriting, I massaged it into what I wanted it to be. Almost. It’s never the perfect work of literary fiction that lives only in my brain, but the final result is closer than I’d hoped.

The next problem was one of race. It was important to me to write Shawna’s story, but how could I write the experience of a black woman in a mostly white town? The answer came to me after lots of reading and thinking on the topic: just like you write men, or someone who has lost her whole family, or a witch — with empathy and respect. None of these things describe my experience, but if I do my research and listen to other people, I can start to understand. I can write from that place.

If authors only wrote what they knew we’d have a lot of boring stories.

This book deals with race when it came up, which it did, but it deals more with the intersectionality of being a black woman, a witch with magical powers, and a woman in a small town.

So, that’s a little background on the book. More to come later when I awake from my post-publishing stupor.

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Entranced today.

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