Entranced: A Witches of Hemlock Hollow Standalone

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Shawna waited patiently while Grace vanquished her demons. Now, it’s her turn.

Shawna Reynolds’ picture-perfect life is in shambles.

After her husband discovers she’s a witch, he disappears with their son. With the help of her friends and fellow witches, Grace and Liora, Shawna’s on a mission to find her family and bring them home.

There’s only one problem: while she can see the future, something is off-kilter and she can’t see her son. When she meets a woman who is also searching for a missing child, she has a vision that enables her to help her. So she does. Good karma, right?


Shawna soon finds herself entangled in a fantasy world. As her life crumbles to pieces around her, and a new lover enters the picture, the temptation to lose herself in the fantasy becomes more and more seductive. In order to save her son, she must resist the fantasy and vanquish the source.

But what if fantasy is the only thing she has left at the end of the day?

Entranced is Shawna’s first book in the “Witches of Hemlock Hollow” series.

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