You all liked my casting post so much that I thought I’d do another “book extra.” This one is on the setting for Home of the Dead, which is a combination of places that I’ve been. Mostly my home town + Woodstock, New York + My Imagination = Hemlock Hollow. Let Hemlock Hollow come alive!

Dive Bar — New York, New York

This one isn’t exactly in Hemlock Hollow, but I thought I should include it. This is pretty much exactly how I picture the dive bar at the beginning of Book 1. Dark, a bit seedy, a bit crumbly.


Downtown Hemlock Hollow

Combine these two photos and you’ve got a good approximation of Hemlock Hollow.

Hemlock Hollow is all kinds of brick, pretty well-kept and wealthy.


Bu, like this picture, it sits at the bottom of the mountain. Use your imagination a bit in this photo: picture the road cutting straight up the mountain. That’s Hill Street.


Deacon Funeral Home

This is a picture I took in my hometown. Such a gorgeous house and a gorgeous day. The Deacon Funeral Home is based off the outside of this one.



My beloved Frantiques! My grandmother had an antique store that she ran out of her garage named Frantiques — that’s where I got the name. I never saw it, so I don’t know what it looked like on the inside, but this is how I imagine Shawna’s store:

antique store


Cluttered — but interesting!

Hemlock Mountain

Looks like a mountain in the northeast. And that’s my wonderful hubby on a hike with me.


Hemlock Hollow Library

Ready to salivate, book lovers?

The room where Grace camped out in the Hemlock Hollow library, looked like this:

Pic source.

And it’s actually an office in someone’s house. I’m so jealous!

Hope you enjoyed this little behind-the-scenes post. Til next time. 😉

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