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smadamspicThe Informal Low-down

When I asked my husband to describe me in a paragraph, he said: “You’re nuts (period).”

After I finished throttling him, I got to thinking. Maybe he’s right. Maybe you do have to be a little nutso to spend your days listening to people who only exist in your head.

But if that’s nuts, then call me a squirrel. Because I want to spend the rest of my life doing exactly this.

An avid reader, I spent most of my childhood immersed in books, but never thought I could actually write one myself. And then in 2014 I did it. And then I did it again. And again. Three books in three months. They will never see the light of day (don’t even ask), but doing them taught me a valuable lesson–I could write a freakin’ novel!

My first published series called “Home of the Dead” follows a young woman named Grace Deacon, who owns and directs her own funeral parlor, but is also the reluctant guardian of an ancient portal between this universe and another. She’s just like any other girl, balancing friends, love, a career–but she also has to save the world on a daily basis. No biggie.

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Formal About the Author

SM Adams wants to live in a world where everyone has enough to live, love rules, and magic exists.

She spends her days imagining, writing, and reading — a dream for many, and one she’s lucky enough to actually live.

When she’s not typing up a storm, you can find her binge-watching British detective shows, walking in the woods, kicking butt at board games, and writing long-winded letters to her friends.

Her next book, Home of the Dead: Book 3 (the last in the Home of the Dead serial), hits the virtual shelves sometime in September 2015. Explore more of her work and musings at sarahmorseadams.com.

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