The Cursed Fairy Tales

There’s a little of wicked witch and the princess and in us all, if we’re lucky. I write to give voice to them both in the Cursed series. These stories mix fantasy fairy tales with folklore and romance, and always end with something more satisfying than “they lived happily ever after.”

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From the blog:

Historical Real-Life Snow White Stories

In 1533, Philip IV, Count of Waldeck and Margaret of East Frisia had a daughter (their sixth child) and named her Margaret. They went on to have three more children together, but in 1537, the countess died. Two years later, the count married a woman named Katharina of...

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The Crimson Cloak is Here!

I have a very special Fairy Tale Friday for you today -- "The Crimson Cloak," the first book in the Cursed Fairy Tale series, has arrived! This book put me through the ringer, but I must admit I'm really proud of how it turned out. It marks a huge step forward for me...

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Fairy Tales: Horror & Hope

Hope. Horror. Fairy tales give us both. Cinderella: The downtrodden girl with the evil step-mother and step-sisters gets the prince...and the sisters get their eyes pecked out. Hope. Horror. Little Red Ridinghood: Wolf distracts girl so he can eat her grandmother and...

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